A coastal legacy

One living landscape that speaks for itself is Lord Howe Island. Listed as World Heritage, an emergence of volcanic explosions eventually raised an underwater volcano to the surface to form an island covered and filled with endemic treasures. Millions of years later and now a 40ieth of its once original size, the fraction of what is left is in no way a fraction of beauty.

Lord Howe Island is more than a coastal hotspot. It is everyone’s coastal dream, a magnet for many and a haven for endemic flora and fauna. Originally settled in the 1800’s, the early European settlers unfortunately left many scars. However, since the discovery of such uniqueness – not limited to eye-catching coastal geological features and rare flora and fauna – it has become an international eco-tourism destination with all the coastal trimmings one could dream of. Having the most southern coral reefs in Australia makes diving world class, and a hike up Mt Gower will leave you literally breathless as you single file along the cliffs and see distinct vegetation succession ‘til you reach a cloud forest.

After visiting Lord Howe Island, it is not hard to understand how the natural beauty of Lord Howe Island re-defines addictiveness for the coast. However, the grandest asset is the coordinated community approach to promote, protect and preserve. With a small community of 350, such tasks are handed down through generations – an intergenerational conservation management process anyone could learn from – and as your business is my business on Lord Howe Island, the constant engagement within the community enables them to get the job done.

Environmental messages about the need to tread lightly and leave only footprints (in the right places) can be seen. The community’s passion for their humble, though jaw dropping abode, energises their desire for a clean and healthy coast. Not only having the status of Australia’s Cleanest Beach in 2005, the community know they have all the coastal trimmings. They simply want to promote, protect and preserve what they have – which they can because Lord Howe Island is a coastal legacy.

           Lord Howe Island – everyday

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