Breathing and living the coast and its changes

There is no doubt to why Australian’s crave for the coast.  Just as the Australian anthem says, “girt by sea”, a salty atmosphere surrounds the landscape that forms an essence that runs through our blood. Living, breathing and playing by the sea has become a way of life, which is easy to grasp with having over 10,000 beaches all and unique from each other. Today, over 85% of the country’s population lives within 50km of the coastline, a statistic that speaks for itself.

The question is, what makes the coast so addictive? Some of the earliest memories we cherish are simply those of listening to the sea through an inquisitive looking shell, or instinctively building fortresses with moats and bridges with millions of grains of sand. Wondering why the ocean is blue, and finding hidden treasures in rock pools, our intuitive nature of our senses connects us to nature’s forces, energising us for wanting more.

Whether if it’s your local beach or favourite holiday hotspot, nature’s forces continually shape the coast. As grains of sand meander along the coast, wave action builds and deflects beaches, which means the coast is essentially a living landscape – a concept we may sometimes forget. Therefore, one Kodak memory of a beach will look different to the next, a given reminder that the coast has, does and will change, similar to us.

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