A sea to see

On a beautiful clear day looking out towards the sea’s perfectly leveled horizon, atmospheric refraction draws thoughts, as an essence glows out to sea. This radiance is what attracts one’s attentiveness from dawn, throughout day, to dust and night, which is essentially a function of radiation incident on the surface – the absorption and scattering of light. And just how we’ve learnt to love light and sense beauty, the sea and its radiance leaves a lasting impression, a radiance of attraction.

The flecks of gold and silver glitter on the sea’s surface, is yet another function of sciences beauty and a drawcard for pondering thoughts. Given such, it is of no surprise that the sparkling glitter appearance is actually called sun glitter. As an instantaneous flash of sunlight hits the surface at a right angle, flecks of sun glitter reflects back. The total individual sun glints therefore, sprinkles floating glitter on the sea’s surface, creating incandescence beauty.

One question that surfaces while looking out to sea, is as our salty sea holds 95% of the world’s water, what percentage of the world’s beauty does the sea hold? In times of change, it is unfortunate that the sea’s beauty now seems to come at a cost and in some cases is lost for a cost. However, although such changes are impacting the sea, one lasting impression that will remain perfectly leveled and reflect a glowing radiance that draws attraction, is the sea’s horizon.

Thus, our sea is there to just simply beautifully see.

2 thoughts on “A sea to see

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