Affinity with the ocean

David Montoya 14th July 1986 – 22nd January 2012

If you grew up along the coast, or frequently went east or west towards the salt-drenched air, your affinity with the ocean most likely started early on in life. Some of our earliest memories are about visiting the beach, playing in the sand and sensing the coast’s natural forces. It is therefore, no wonder the simple feeling of sand beneath your feet or the smell of the salty atmosphere instantaneously floods your memory and more so, ignites your affinity with the ocean.

Soon enough, the ocean becomes part of you, as you become part of it. As your footprints are washed away and kept by the ocean, you walk away salt-lathered and sandy and keep a part of it. Through time, this exchange becomes a flowing act in your memory, simply without any realisation.

Your desire for closeness, connection and interaction with the ocean doesn’t end with your beating presence. From blood and bone to then dust, your affinity with the ocean can become so close, so close that you may desire your remains to be at one, submerged in whole, therefore, scattered in the ocean. The dispersal of your ashes in the ocean transforms your emotional connection into a physical relationship. Thus, the ocean ends up being part of you, and before long, this same ocean will be part of something else.

For as long as I live and breathe for the coast and have an affinity with the ocean, I will always have and be part of David.

One thought on “Affinity with the ocean

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