This tangent begins as a new day is beginning, the earth rotating and with that time ticking. The sun will be rising in a few hours, though it seems only a few hours ago the moon rose and before that the sun too. Where does the day go, behind us, beyond us or with us?

In regards to the calendar, today is officially Saturday. Those four letters before ‘day’ immediately categorises today as the beginning of the weekend. For those who don’t work on Saturdays, today will be a free day filled of leisure, activity and relaxing. Then in no time it will be Sunday, the last day of the weekend to fit in those chores, a sleep in and read the paper in the late afternoon. To sadden some that means within 48hours it will be Monday again, the beginning of a new week that will make you ponder what the next weekend will bring.

It is incredible how we perceive days, and refer to each day as a different day. How often do you catch yourself saying, wow how fast did today go? More astonishing, so focused on what the next day will bring instead of the now and being present. Though I am the biggest culprit of this ideology of time throughout a day and over plan my days, hours, minutes and seconds. However, have fortunately removed myself from segregating days into weekdays, hump-days and weekend-days.

My theory unfolds here as I was asked what I had planned for the weekend. So, with ease I stated what I had planned, and to of no surprise to me all such actions seemed like work to them. Part of this is true, as I am working in a few hours, though all of what I have planned is actually what I enjoy doing. I explained my theory of Sameday, and how although everyday is new day, everyday is really the same. The sun and moon will again rotate, the tide will again come in and out, and new life will again begin, as cells will rest too.

To rest my case here, and my thoughts so I can rest, everyday is really Sameday. How you choose to categorise your day is up to you, but maybe this is the whole issue of waiting for the weekend. Don’t let the distortion field of what makes today different from the last take your day away, as everyday is either behind us, beyond us or with us.

What do I have planned for today? The same as yesterday and the same as tomorrow, as today is Sameday, a day to enjoy, smile and be a better person. Enjoy Sameday!

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