Why did I stop to look what was there yesterday?

Today, I did my routine exercise around Burleigh Headland. I started behind the hill at the Tallebudgera Creek entrance. The sandy shore on the other side holds many memories for me. I just simply smiled as I thought about all those coastal champions I met during Australia’s Cleanest Beach competition last year.

Then, with pounding beats in my ear and sand flicking up the back of my running tights, I braced my body for overdrive and went on my way.

As I followed the lower pathway, I made note of how the littoral rainforest trees have entwined with each other that forms an arch. It almost felt like a lost world, well I guess part of it is in a city like the Gold Coast.

I then arrived at the most eastern side. Waves wrapped around the headland, with powerful breaks washing up all sorts of debris. I looked up the headland at the stunted vegetation and grassy mound. I quickly imagined what it would have been like 100 years ago.

Continuing on, I headed north and within the distant glare, black bodies floated between the sets. I stared out and admired patience, surfers waiting for the next wave, waiting for that wave. For me, time was ticking – though for a moment I felt like it had stopped. I looked northeast through the framed timeless Pandanus trees that stand perched between the basalt rocks. There in the distance, soaring through the salty atmosphere, a steel skyline appeared to be cemented on the horizon. I guess time had stopped where I stood, but it was in fast-forward in another place.

To no surprise as I reached the top of the headland, people were gathered. They were probably the same crew as yesterday, most likely tomorrow too. I saw a few familiar faces, though bowed my head down as if they couldn’t see me. I selfishly wanted to keep this moment all to myself. Just like them, I looked out to that awe-inspiring view. It really didn’t look all that different than yesterday, so what was so intriguing today? Why did I stop to look what was there yesterday?

Then, back down to reality. Into Burleigh Village – I past the busy line at Nooks Coffee; quickly took the same photo as I do every other time I go to past Burleigh Beach; walked across the Gold Coast Highway with beats in my ear that seemed to be insync with the green man; chuckled at the thought of hanging out with my friends at the bowls club in another 50 years; then braced myself as I ascended back up the hill towards home.

Now, as I sit at home looking out to the same ocean, the same horizon, as I just did at the bottom of the hill. With black coffee on my left and lecture notes on my right, I know I have to move on from this moment. Well, until tomorrow.

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