Ocean reflections

A favourite way I love to pass time is looking up into the sky. I have to admit, if I could choose another career path or go back to first year science, I’d study meteorology and be a weather girl. Simply as I love how the sky forms a moving space. Whether you lay on some grass, wait at a set of traffic lights, or peer through the window from your desk during a 9-5 days slog, the sky is continuously moving. Just like time and the world.

This time round I was waiting patiently at a set of traffic lights. Busy thoughts clouded my mind. So, sparing sometime I looked up and what appeared to me was the ocean in the sky. My two loves. The clouds were stratocumulus clouds that swept not that far above me. This is what I found significant about the wave-like pattern in the sky, as the rows of little clouds hanged within 2000 meters. The distance seemed insignificant – not that far – though in reality the clouds were significantly far.

I almost immediately imagined being amongst the H2 and O atoms like diving through sets of waves. This is because I could, as water is an ultimate chemical substance formed by two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom that attract each other by covalent bonds, which results to form H2 O molecules that can co-exist in three states. In my view it was a gaseous state, as H2 O molecules formed collaborated sweeping forms – stratocumulus clouds.

It wasn’t quite noon, though the sun shone strong. The closest shapes and lines to me formed a perfect landscape of silhouettes. As once told, “a perfect contrast for a photo”. I smiled peacefully as I thought of whom that person was and sensed a feeling of closeness, just as the clouds seemed to me.

Honestly, these clouds were incredibly incredible. I was living to share this experience. With no time for fumbling, I grabbed my iPhone, then Instagram, point and shoot. Perfect. The traffic light went green. Back on my way, just how the clouds swept above, time ticked away and the world moved on.

To share my incredibly incredible experience, I then Facebooked and Blogged it. Next time you peer into the sky, take it in and sense the infinity – just as I do every time. Clouds!

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