Minuscule paddocks

It’s an easy call to say, yes I love dunes. I actually have no idea why. But what I do know is that I am continually amazed by the dramatic differences of dunes and within a system the intricate patterns, angles and textures. Close up, the silver hairs on the leaf blades of Spinifex remind me of glistening silver hair on an elder that understands life. To the plump leaves of Coastal Pigface that lock-up water amongst a comparable desert landscape, only to bare fuchsia-coloured flowers with paper-like petals that turn into a delightful, fruity treat. Amongst all, much more adds to my abstract- view of dunes.

To understand my thoughts of the minuscule scenes of dunes one may overlook in a rush to the beach, remind yourself of what you may see when peering out an airplane window where the world seems so ‘minuscule’ far below. Now, sense the feeling of the grains of sand that flick up as you dart seaward. Every one of those grains has a place and purpose and the potential to lay distinctively adjacent, amongst the dunes and couple with the carpeting vines and cross-stitched runners, only to form a rolling-green-fringed-scape.

Dunes, although they can be vast, they also have incredible, distinctive, minuscule properties for the patient eye.

I am not sure how many photos one may want or need of dunes (if you need any just let me know), though my collection is far reaching beyond the grains that are within. Having a small point-and-shoot makes this process seem canon, which is how and why I came to realise this tangent.


Look deep into the photo of the leaf from a Serpent’s Vine. The deep veins paint a picture of the intuitive adaptations it willing-evolved to survive. Likeness to a catchment from above, with tributaries segmenting the flow of life – delivering water and nutrients, sugars and proteins – interestingly, somewhat familiar to the biology of us. Further, how the minuscule pattern form the macro elements we relate to, the structural support and the arrangement of the leaf. If you can think a little deeper, transcend your thoughts to the level of cell energy and the steady transport of electrons that above all give us life – O2.

I will make the assumption that you just may not have realised how the minuscule elements that form paddocks of plant physiology are foundation for the formation of the leaf, and therefore the vine. Beyond, what holds a dune together to create a rolling-scape for the beach you adore to the banks offshore.

Minuscule to massive, dunes are amazing.

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