One year on

22nd January 2012: I can almost recall every second, thought and feeling. I answered a phone call that I so naively thought would never ring to hear my soul brother on the other end explaining that David had passed away. A stood frozen with disbelief, and then blood rushed from me as my heart stopped and lungs seized. My eyes flooded with tears as I fell. Peopled reached to help. I then walked towards my mum like a weeping child, scared and saddened as part of my soul left to be at peace.

Today (22nd January 2013): I reflect on what life has thrown at me over the last year, which is now behind with time. I have come to terms with David’s passing as gracefully and happy as one could. To miss someone as much as you loved them creates deep feelings, intense moments and heavy thoughts. Though, I am indicatively positive and know David is here as his legacy for life lives on – reflect back to a previous tangent of mine, “Affinity with the ocean”.

Or maybe a poem can suffice as a remembrance:

Life can be bliss
Desire for a simple kiss
Feel deepness
Wish to be held
Loneliness sets in
As I long for you
You come to me
I am now free


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