I find it remarkable how quickly the human body can heal, yet the coastal environment seems to take forever to recover. Along my coast, it will take years for the beaches to naturally replenish. Though, as my coast is a ‘mecca’ for millions, I assume coastal intervention will take its course to fast track our impatient demands. This is why it is important for you to be aware of how each part, pocket and patch needs care – sustainable coastal management – and where you can, support coastal science and management to ensure decisions do in fact, help heal the coast.

The dune x-ray sample video captures part of what I am trying to portray. Simply as we can x-ray the human body, the edited video footage displays the analogy of scanning the coast to identify broken elements. Which part of the coast needs attention and what management option could enhance recovery are relevant questions coastal managers have to constantly consider (and reconsider). The freestyle footage is of the foredunes at The Spit and Miami Beach on the Gold Coast, and forms part of my preliminary research for a dune exhibition I am working on. All feedback is welcome, please leave a comment.

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