What are you doing?

Stranger – Hi, how are you?

Me – Actually amazing! What about you?

Stranger – Yeah, great! It’s a great day to be out and enjoying this beach weather.

Me – Yeah, I totally agree.

Stranger – So, what are you doing?

Me – O, I am taking photos of the beach profile.

Stranger – That’s sounds interesting. What for?

Me – Sorry, I should have introduced myself. I am Naomi Edwards from Griffith Centre for Coastal Management, which is the coastal management research centre at Griffith University. I am taking some photos for research and out of personal curiosity, as it’s important to monitor the changes of the beach profile to understand the coastal processes and appropriate management solutions. Taking a profile photo every time I visit a beach is an easy way to record beach profiles, it’s really efficient, especially looking back to compare shoreline positions between stormy periods. Anyway, when I say beach profile, I am looking at the sandy slope from the dunes or what’s behind the dunes to the near shore zone – out in the water.

Stranger – That is really interesting. If you came here yesterday it looked completely different. By the way, I am Bryan.

Me – Nice to meet you Bryan! I totally agree with you! It’s incredible how quickly the beach changes and it’s all pretty much dependent on what’s happening out there. Wind, waves, tides and currents influence the wave environment, which then changes the way the sand moves – I could go on. I always say our sandy coast is like a river of sand or a fluid-like interface. The beach is constantly changing, which makes it challenging to manage.

Bryan – So, what do you do with the photos?

Me – I record them in a particular way so they are coded to a time frame for future reference. This is simple information we can all collect, especially for those who visit the beach on a daily basis.

Bryan – I’m out here everyday and love it. Anyway, I better be off. Heading out to catch some waves. The banks have been real good lately.

Me – Yeah I can see. Take care and remember – the beach starts from when our feet touch the sand to out there, where you want to be.

Bryan – Figure that hey!

Me – Yep, the beach environment is an incredible, dynamic and active zone that’s for sure.

Bryan – See you ‘round!

Me – Too true, ciao!

Take 30sec to look at the beach profile photos of Burleigh Beach. They are a personal collection as I used to walk past this point almost every day with my dog. Isn’t it super interesting!

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