I surf: coastal community awareness

"power from the ocean, waves and coast fuel my passionate tank", me

OK, this one is for my surfer buddies. As the early morning sea breeze blows through my window, I wake with the sun drenching my room. A new day has begun with seedlings growing and stories waiting to be told (wise words from a dear friend). With words like that ringing in my ears repeatedly, it’s an easy call to say why I’m always stoked in the morning. Plus, the sound of the sea in the distance also repeatedly excites me to get down there and immerse myself in the salt-drenched air – sometimes submerging myself in the rolling ocean.

That’s my point, only sometimes as I don’t need to be submerged in the active wave environment to get what you get (or so I assume) – energy. Or maybe my childhood nightmare of nearly drowning at Surfers Paradise was enough to keep my feet on dry sand – no wonder I stopped at the dunes – ok, bad joke or justification from an obsessed dune girl.

As usual, the actual point of this tangent is letting loose. So, to bring it back as the title says, “I surf: coastal community awareness”, trawling through my Masters I have tried my best to fish out what I mean by such. I consistently argued that with the right intentions, coastal community awareness is a process that provides diverse opportunities for coastal communities to be/become informed about the coastal zone. Where drivers, who have the ability to understand ‘community’, carve the token for this process. More so, simply have the knack to relate to your coastal stoke.

I’d like to think I have the knack of feeling your stoke, so I’m going to take the claim that I can surf – I surf coastal community awareness on the back of your stoke for the ocean, waves and coast. I’m not sure if this really makes any sense, however, for those that know me I am sure you can make sense of it. You know, I am always stoked thanks to your stoke.



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