Luck with my dune father

There are moments in life that change you for the good and the bad. Depending on your luck, such experiences might include getting married, starting a family, completing a degree or even falling in love. Considering, I have experienced the later two of such four amongst many more life-changing moments I must be doing something right. This brings me to think that those in my life are part of that very same luck.

So, aren’t you lucky!

Anyway, today is no exception of what I experience most days. Building on from my Sameday concept, only two and bit hours into my day, lucky turning points had occurred. Even to wake to the sound of my alarm, knowing that I could press snooze, this time round I didn’t and luckily I didn’t as luck came my way.

5:00am: For a single, independent lady, I woke ridiculously early for a personal training session.

5:30am: Somehow I have found weight training as an upbeat vice to keep me sane, build strength and stand strong. Despite knowing the financial contributions needed to hear 3 sets of 1, 2, 3 … 12, not only can I say, “I can leg press 220kg and pump out raised push-ups”, I now have muscles to show that I invest in my body’s health to be the best. Stereotypically corny or not, it’s been part of my lucky day – as I initially found the gym by luck and killed it this morning.

6:00am: Needless to say, once I got home I made my consistently delicious high protein, blueberry breakfast and made my way to chill with Elle. Eager as ever, she was in need of a walk and so off we went. Soon, heaven appeared in front of us as the sky was drenched in incredible shades of pink and orange. Infused with inspiration, the shorebird’s silhouettes against the gold shimmering water should rest my case for such luck.

But it gets better!

6:30am: There, straight in front of me my dune father appeared (yes, he is a real person). I enshrine his title, as he was the very soul who initially inspired me to care for the dunes at The Spit. His wisdom, knowledge and passion founded the successes and tears I have persevered in my dune care career (so far). More significantly, his words still seem to conduct an orchestra in my head on a daily basis.

Those being:

“You see Naomi; we have lots of opportunities in life. What you choose to do is up to you; though why not create a masterpiece. This is what we are achieving out here, a dune masterpiece to cover this canvas. Most of all, it is rewarding to sit under a tree that you have planted and then look up and see a bird perched on a branch. That to me is success and part of creating a masterpiece.”

7:00am: We cross the road, turn the corner and find 50 bucks!

I am sure more luck is just around the corner.