Carbs and the coast

O my, what is in common with carbs and the coast – carbs meaning carbohydrates?

Firstly, I need to break down my carb-coast dilemma:

1. Although my diet usually consists of carbs being vegetarian, however, I hardly ever have starch and/or flour based carbs. Fruits, vegetables and most definitely leafy greens is what I am all about.

2. I am sure you have already made the assumption that I am a mad coastal being, so I don’t really need to explain how the coast is part of my life; it is my way of life.

Next is getting to the bottom of this tangent. It’s only been five days since I was along a coast and I could be possibly getting a little weirder – thank god I am on my way to Brighton Beach. Yes, I am in England and in carb central, which has resulted in consuming everything that I wouldn’t normally do (apparently I shouldn’t worry as I am on holidays). Though with southern France and Sorrento being my coastal stops along this adventure, I do hope so my vintage swimsuit doesn’t out do me (haha).

Anyway, also being an over thinker, this has led me to figure out whether I am consuming carbs in replacement of the coast… am I emotionally consuming carbs because I am in a coastal drought? As it turns out there are many similarities, which could justify the scones, toast, baguettes and sandwiches, o and fries and buns, instead of the dunes, foreshores and beaches.

What do you think?

Carbs The coast
High in energy High in energy
Has many different shapes and forms Has many different shapes and forms
Highly addictive Highly addictive
Can’t live without carbs Can’t live without the coast

I just hope I can get a cone of leafy greens at the end of the pier at Brighton Beach, or even find a broccoli bar to hang out at. Either way I am sure a pebble beach will be much more interesting than the baguette I have in hand!


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