A night in turned into a life lesson

a reflection of somewhere in France

a reflection of somewhere in France

I find it interesting how some moments are forgotten almost immediately while others’ stay distinctively embedded. Somehow our minds unconsciously know whether or not we really need to remember something, an incredible memory processing ability of one very complex organ – being the brain. Weird right?

Well, a memory I will forever cherish turned a night in into a life lesson. My late dear friend David Montoya once gave me a 101 lesson about cameras a few years ago. Always one to have a camera on hand, with film and had a sharp eye that I am sure composed his entire view of the world, it was a given that I’d soon be one of the lucky ones to learn another lesson from one of God’s sons – although he perceived himself as a student and peer too many, he was definitely a teacher beyond most rearing retirement.

The lesson was spent sitting in my parent’s longue room, as we were discussing what camera I should purchase for a then upcoming adventure to Nepal. I honestly was cool to take my point and shoot, “but not to Nepal”, David said. He prescribed me a Canon G10 and luckily he did. What a fun camera to learn a bit of this and that about photography!

Since then, my Canon G10 has pretty much been in my handbag, travelled where I was heading, engraved with sand, dropped, scratched and just recently went to Cambodia with a friend. It has done more travel kilometers than me! And has also seen it’s fair share of dunes, beach profiles, smiling faces of BeachCare volunteers and whatever coastal experiences I have experienced.

Due to my love affair with my Canon G10 and resistance to upgrade I never really looked into another camera. Though David somehow knew I’d continue to blossom as an amateur photographer and that I’d outgrow my much-loved trusty tool.

So, he laid a path for me to hold and adore a new camera, as it was one of his last wishes for me to have an Olympus PEN. Blessed is an understatement, as the Montoya family gave me one for my birthday last year. Flooded with happy and sad tears, when I took the first photo it was as if I was back sitting in my parent’s longue room with David – now many years ago.

In fact, the significance is so large as David had the original vintage version and was the last roll of film he took independently.

Since receiving my Olympus PEN, it hasn’t left my side. Once again, just like how David left a lasting legacy for many, each shot I take it’s as if he is here. Living through the lens of my very own Olympus PEN.

Photography is an interest I am learning and growing to appreciate.

Thank you to the Montoya family!

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