I love lavender

A lavender field somewhere in the Cotswold

A lavender field somewhere in the Cotswold

There is much more to me than just ranting on about the coast as my obsessive personality does extend to many other interests and hobbies. For instance, fussing about my cute dog, cleaning my vintage car, wearing colourful pieces of clothing and baking soulful food. Not to forget my interests in Georgian architecture, heritage buildings and back-to-back Grand Designs – a night in with Kevin McCloud is my kind of night!

Moving on, what I am getting at is that I have an eye for design and detail.  Which both give more reasons to why I have high expectations for coastal natural resource management and in particular dune restoration. You see, by integrating the many elements, forms, textures and characteristics of the coast, not only does such integration unfold a more technical pleasing process, however astonishingly perpetrates people’s admiration for the coast.

Ah, I could elaborate more but this isn’t where I wanted to go for this tangent…

Next to all the above is the truth that I am also super keen on lavender. My England country experience of being driven around in a luxury Audi through the Cotswold has brought this tangent to you. As the lavender fields reassured my love affair with lavender. You see, some gals were pink while others were blue, though being an indecisive Libran left me to love both, resulting in loving lavender (pink + blue = lavender).

Why is this so?

Just by walking into the gift store at a lavender farm in the Cotswold gave me much satisfaction. In particular, the versatility from the impressive shades, health benefits, wide range of uses, landscape arrangements and wait… infused pockets of lavender to perfume even your underwear draw. Even infuse chocolate to please your palate – anyone for lavender custard?

There’s that saying if you love something so much it almost becomes part of you (or whatever it is). So, being obsessive and going the extra mile and little deeper, by drawing out the words – attractive, versatile, fragrant and adaptive – could possibly describe me in the most modest way of course. I conclude for the first time in one tangent, I guess it could be true that I am also part lavender and that is why I love lavender.



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