A beginning, middle and an end

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Stories are told best when there is an intriguing beginning, climax in the middle and a sense of achievement to draw events to a close. Journeys are somewhat the same. Though, in my opinion don’t tend to have a distinct end, rather merely open opportunities and crossroads. Come to think of it, just a mish-mash of middles.

Our eurotrip has been just that – a mish-mash of middles with climax after climax, a journey that ended were we started.

In London!

Back to Paddington, where we started. Despite carrying an extra 20kg, the flights of stairs from airport to train, station to metro, through the streets of Paddington and up four floors (no lift again!) were all too easy. This trip hasn’t just done wonders to our minds, our bodies too.

Quickly refreshed, bam and shazam, well almost that fast, we were out in a veggie restaurant in Soho to catch up with a friend and cousin, and meet some new people and share an amazing veggie experience! After that we soon experience the London shut eye of the lack of open cafes for a coffee to end up in a cheesy cupcake café before we headed back across town to Paddington and endure one more restless night before home.

On adrenaline, we got up, organised our stuff and headed to the same café we first had breakfast only a month ago. Not only did we order the same thing, we ordered a croissant for old time/last time sake, which, we can confirm was just as amazing as the ones in France. Then, off to Westminster Abbey to beat the crowds (only just), and then back across town to our hotel to do a final pack, shower and back to Hyde Park for one last time.

What a trip! Enjoy the photos!

…. two tangents down on the flight home and still can’t sleep…

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