That girl is – me

That Girl is Me

That girl is – me

Once upon a time, half away around the world, there was this girl with crazy hair and a killer laugh. She loved life and a large part of that love was dedicated to the coast. From sunrises to sunsets, moonrises to stargazing and horizon dreaming, everything coastal was admired. The sea breeze was what gave her life, deep satisfaction for being alive.  Never one to take opportunities for granted, she grabbed each one with both hands never to expect or assume.

Creativity was her forte, an artist in disguise. Optimism was another quality, in quantity too. Coupled, brought beautiful visions of love, hope and dreams. All were very important to this girl, being a deep thinker and thought provoker. A sense of connection with people and her surroundings was what grounded her. The environment was a huge part of her life and gave her an inquisitive nature leaving others behind at times.

Always one to ask questions and challenge boundaries, she soon learnt dreaming up ideas were better than issues. She loved to create pathways to unfold such ideas – with much enthusiasm too. Another trait that was attractive and a quality she sort out in people, where passionate enthusiasm was always a plus.

At the end of each day, she would reflect to think about how she could do what she did better. Constructive feedback was always welcomed and what she craved. She knew what she lacked and accepted that, as she knew one day she’d meet a special person to meet her halfway.

Whoever that was to be, that’d be looking out over the Mediterranean Sea as that is where she is and what she can see, as that girl is – me.

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