Venice to Milan

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You must be going all right if you have been able to keep up with what we have been doing on our eurotrip. Though, simply how timing has been the essence of this trip, not posting the now long queue of tangents, I am sure in time if you’re still somewhat interested to you will read on.

As for me, two books later, numerous Instagrams, hatching tags, check ins, one too many selfies and hundred or so photos taken of roofs and ceilings, wine, pasta and gelato, our eurotrip will be closing in less than 30 hours.

Yep, we are on the plane traveling in the direction of home – I hope. And in the last 6hrs I have already watched a movie, started a new book and then another movie, I still can’t sleep… which brings me to tangent away. Hopefully by regurgitating some of the highlights from our micro Venice to Milan menaces, my mind will be a little clearer to get some shuteye. Especially as we have an 8hr stop over in China and then another hectic flight home. Though the breakup should prevent me from getting cankles this time round!

Keeping up with our Italia appearances we arrived in Venice just as a storm was setting in. To a slight surprise I almost felt as if we had rocked up somewhere in SE Asia with an alarming number of traders trying to sell us umbrellas. A mosaic of chaos as I learnt a day later keeps the city moving, though romanticism has been costly commericalised,

Moving on, being a stubborn or what I’d rather be referred as, a smarter traveler, I palmed off the traders and told mum to stay calm, keep up and carry on – exactly what they were trying to sell! Being on the last leg of the trip I wasn’t going to be fooled (though only that very same day a Romanian appeared out of nowhere lifted mum’s suitcase onto the train and to mum’s surprise thought that was a nice gesture to be stunned with coughing up a few euros.

As we battled the crowds of Venice we soon arrived at our hotel in dampened fashion. Then to be told that we were on the forth floor and there was no lift – now a stronger and smarter traveler!

I literally passed out after I had a shower, so mum had to stay in too. That meant feeling a little more refreshed the next morning we survived the mixed hotel breakfast and then hit the laneways and bridges of Venice. Left then right, right then left, right then right or did we go left then left. A long winding circle later, as we paraded with a random group of Hare Krishnas’ we got on a boat bus to head to St Marks Square to gawk with the thousands of other gawkers at the incredible incredibleness. Also enjoy delightful service at café for lunch, be stunned by an enormous, horrible cruise ship and most likely got ripped off by a gondolier. A gelato later we ended up surprisingly walking back to our hotel to relax before we were off to see a History of Venice show. Though the real highlight was yet too come:

–  I was offered a hand of marriage at a restaurant

– Listened to our stomachs and not our heads and skipped the main course and desert

– Be wowed by the romanticism of Venice at night

– Ears drop on a very ‘Australian’ conversation of two older ladies that probably came on the cruise ship… so we left the waiter a reasonable tip.

Just when we thought our Venice stint was over we decided to go random the next morning and ended up at Lido! (one of the islands)… which is where one of the three tidal gates is getting built. Although we had a 2.20pm train to catch, we wandered off to the beach. Me on a beach, again, was exciting. A few too many photos later we trekked back to café to order some lunch. Only to loss track of time and our lack of Italian meant that we had to inhale our salad and race back to the pier to get back to Venice to catch the train! All within 10 minutes to spare, we on the train panting and sweating – totally have to give credit to my mum for keeping up with me and hand in hand as we concurred every stair and uneven step.

Yay, we were soon on our way to Milan with no book to read and no reason to tangent. Instead, we admired the mountains of northern Italy with pure relaxation to revitialised ourselves.

From Lido to Milan, we checked in, got dressed up and familiarised ourselves with yet another metro network to head to the Cathedral, Galleria and hunt down what ended up to the worse café to experience the worse pasta and service yet! Feeling ripped off we left the café with sore wallets and instead of enjoying a delicate desert we grabbed a gelato – which fixes anything and everything!

Tired as ever, we retired for the night – which was again another late one – to get up reasonably early the next day to experience the heart of Milan, the Cathedral, buy some comfy flight clothes to cover ourselves for not adventuring in the shops. All before our afternoon flight to London! In the meantime, we enjoyed our last meal, which was not the least Italian at all, but really brought up a good conversation about the amazing cuisine we experienced.

Italy, you sure have treated by stomach well!

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