27 with a few white hairs

Today, I turned 27 and feel slightly more appreciative of my few white hairs.

Looking back 27 years, or really to the time where my memory kicked in, wow. I don’t think any one experience has been more or less, rather a succession of progressive moments that have rolled into each other. We are all on our own individual learning continuum, where we’ve (or most of us) learnt to walk, swim, ride, read and write, type and text and sync our lives with the cloud. Where possible integrate our passions to support larger causes and act on what is needed – from time to time.

Looking back 27 years, I am extremely grateful of the environment and experiences I’ve been exposed too. The simplicities that have serviced my senses excite me for the future. Though I am learning to be more grounded, rather an impatient-enthusiastic coastal advocate, daughter, sister, aunty and friend.

Looking back 27 years, those who are or have been in my life have significantly influenced me. I am a reflection of the moments we have shared and strive to act on our desires.

Looking forward 27 years, who knows what is entailed? Healthy dunes fringe the coast, more restored Beetles are on the road and we acknowledge achievements rather than flaws.

No wonder I am an impatient-enthusiastic 27 year old. What fun we have to share.

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