I found a new beach today

mothers beach dbahJust when you think you know your coastline off the back of your hand, another surprise beach pops up! Though, I have an excuse as Mother’s Beach is technically in New South Wales – and I am a Queenslander.

We’ve all heard of D-bah, or if you haven’t, I’m disappointed. It’s famous for waves, whales and the view. With a plus 180-degree vista of the Pacific Ocean with Surfers Paradise to the north and the headland jewels of New South Wales to the south, it is worth the visit. Even to enjoy a latte or ice cream from the café!

Well, that is what I thought D’bah only had to offer (besides the Tweed River Sand Bypass System) until today when a colleague of mine let out a local’s only beach secret. Just over the river training wall, it was greener. Mother’s Beach appeared out of nowhere.

Although artificial, sand has accumulated between the original and extended river training walls and as a result has created a pocket beach. Blessed with crystal clear waters from the semi-diurnal tides and having a southeast aspect means Mother’s Beach is a perfect swimming beach for when the northerlies blow in.

Just goes to show beautiful beaches can be created and we should all venture every now and then, as this time round the beach was better on the other side.

But apparently the beach on the other side of the other side is better …

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