Coastal attractions distract me

I’ve been working on too many projects lately leaving me up late at night and at times distracted. Though they are all entwined in someway or another. All encrusted with salt residue and leave my bedroom floor carpeted with sand. Blogging, living and breathing coastal management is a surprise to me in itself. Though, it is a tad too easy when you are blessed with heading east for work and the only issue is getting sun kissed – it’s only Spring and I feel like I have my summer glow already!

Above all, everything that I am about or perceived to be actually makes me wonder if I am challenged. Or rather, do I see the world from a different perspective and love the coast too much and therefore don’t think working in coastal management is hard? Maybe my life is a beach filled with coastal attractions.

I’d like to think coastal attractions distract me, though, enthuse my enthusiasm. Far too often I get excited about coastal management, putting stakeholder databases together, making flyers or even rant and rave about what it yet to be achieved.

If the coast wasn’t so god damn attractive, maybe I’d be a little bit more towards the normal side of others. Like who in this world tries to pursue their friends to check a dune on the way home after being out?

Meh. Life a beach for me.

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