Coastal connections

Coastal connections at Friends of Federation Walk has created strong community presence at The Spit.

I am going to take the assumption that you have a connection to the coast or have a distinct memory that connects you to the coast. If not, close your eyes for a moment. Take a deep breath and then open your eyes and imagine being me for a moment. Live through my coastal connection – if you dare.

The reason I am tangenting about coastal connections is due to the fact that I believe the coast has an incredible ability to create connections. Connections that carve a sense of community, build relationships and interactions. Especially when coastal awareness ripples, it is as if community connections peel to create perfect sets. Sets of awareness waves to only create more coastal connections.

I have come to realise this and where I can promote it, as this profound process has the ability to equalise you and I. You see, when I have sand beneath my feet, who you are or what you do almost becomes irrelevant to me. Rather, being a coastal community practitioner, your connection to the coast is what is most important to me.

Secondly, whatever we believe in, we do have a common belief. By acknowledging this soon truth prevails to unveil that our common belief is that the coast is important.

I have seen this process create new connections and waves of awareness. More so, a sense of community, build relationships and interactions. Word of advice, don’t think you are no different (or more powerful) to him or her down on the beach.

We are only coastal humans.

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