I know I once thought

It time to work on my own opportunitiesI once thought life would be simple. Play childhood games, build sand castles, go to school, follow through to university, get a job, find love, teach a pet a few tricks, travel, buy a house, marry, deal with children and breathe freely along the way. Somehow I thought this was simple. I think this is far beyond from simple.

We are constantly working harder and faster or so it seems. Live connected 24/7 and build on from each day, open opportunities and tie up loose ends. Amongst all be alive or if that lacks, find a way.

All while thoughts fly in and out, a FIFO mind. A, then B, but what about C and D?

Me, I know I think too much. Probably read too little and laugh loudly. Giggle to myself and spend too much time thinking about what’s next rather than what is. Though, I am accustomed to such a way of thinking as this is who I am, as I know I am and am OK with that. I know life on the other side isn’t any greener than my side, and as I know that I am OK with that.

My thoughts create such a life to tangent here and there to help consolidate my thoughts. Sometimes about rather nothing or a life I never expected, or didn’t even know. Expectations are a funny thing, right? I bet you’ve already made an expectation on this very tangent. Or probably lost or am losing you.

For today and me, it’s really about here. I am flying across the vast nation of Australia. From the east coast to the west coast coasts’. What a privilege, I know and am grateful. Even that I saw a sunrise this morning and will see a sunset this afternoon, both over an ocean.

While I know I am grateful, I do act out symptoms of a lost mind. A mind full of creativeness, and rest (most of the time) due to my own over-to-lack of time management ability. Two symptoms for a ‘what’s next drama’ staged in my mind. If only there was a director.

I really did think life was as simple as the ‘This is Your Life’ continuum. But as I know I am different, how can life be simple (making the assumption normal people have normal lives)?  I embrace this thought (a lot), which brings me to discover what do I need to keep being different. I like being different.

Despite the fun and achievements I have had the privilege to share, I know I need to keep moving forward in my own unique way. More so jump into something different, be the community catalyst I now know I am and found more privileges to share.

It almost seems ridiculous that I am thinking of such. Is it? Considering I am heading to the west coast to meet and greet coastal community leaders and celebrate their achievements. And I’m one of them, as I’ve been part of creating such coastal opportunities along my coast. So, isn’t this enough?

No, it isn’t. It’s time to work on my own opportunities.

A PhD is now more than a fleeting thought. A thought I never expected, but yet again, I don’t tend to expect. As I know it’s best not, just to keep that excitement unexpectedly here and there.