999206_10151868746574005_210766781_nEarly mornings, afternoon swims, evening BBQs and scented blends of sunscreen, salt and ‘RID’ in the air. Yes, it is summertime. December is here presenting open opportunities, possible love and the road. The only downfall is that the end of February will be here in no time, where and when I’ll tangenting about autumn.

So, what will summertime bring me?

Finish reading two very insightful books, keep writing my thoughts, and draft a PhD application and a paper to help frame some now-beached ideas. Take photos and film a road trip to Adelaide. Spend time with my dear family and friends. Enjoy laughing loudly, drink good wine and be grateful.

You and I can make this summertime unforgettable rather than regrettable. Do what makes you feel alive, live within your means and walk with lesser impact. As each day this summer presents itself earlier, then later, sense the light. Please act with good intentions.

Sleep well.