Season greetings

Soliders on the Gold Coast frontline in 1967Season greetings, a hallmark saying or not, it’s time to be thankful. 2013 is almost at a close and for me it’s been more up than down. The low points of 2012 are in the past. I’m feeling joyful, grateful and fulfilled. Why, because I am thankful for what I have, achieved and the actions others take to do their bit for the coast.

This tangent is dedicated to the unsung coastal heroes who are on the frontline protecting what we love, the coast. It’s time to tangent my thankfulness. Without Gold Coast council collecting bins, sweeping them clean and opening up a beach experience, we wouldn’t have much of a coastal lifestyle.

So, ask yourself three questions:

  1. Do I enjoy the beach?
  2. Do I ever think about whom take care of the beach?
  3. Do I ever say thank you to those who do take care of the beach?

If you answered 3/3 you are a coastal star, 2/3 you’re almost there or 1/3 it’s time to act. To live in an imaginative, intensely urbanised coastal city, yet have clean beaches and an ocean to enjoy we must be doing something right.  So, take the time to send a thank you to council for doing something most of us never see, hear or know about – because the beach wouldn’t be there without them.

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