More to give than a cut

more than a cut_

For someone who I met through the local paper, Penelope Vine is one incredible woman, and now my Chirn Park friend. We have conversation with depth and surface gestures that mean more than is expressed. We actually wonder how many other people are out there that say ‘amazing’ and love Chirn Park almost as much as us. 

Both of us have drive, professionally and personally and despite our limited friendly history, loving Chirn Park brought us together, which bolds the value of community. Community connects you and me and us to others. Enables us to go on with our everyday lives and for those who desire for more, drive to create more community within community.

Community is a place that opens connections, opportunities to interact and has safe places – a mix-used landscape with elevation, adaptation and interaction. Chirn Park opens all the above.

For us, having a mere more of a decade of life and a block or two between us, Penelope is someone who takes me for who I am, who stands open to soak up more than the average sponge. We value community. We are community.

Penelope is also my hairdresser, a community hairdresser with more to give than a cut – friendship.

Thanks for the incredible catch up! I feel like I can accomplish anything that pops up.

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