A L.I.F.E. story for you

Landcare L.I.F.E.After tossing and turning for the last 2 hours, I’ve managed to get out of bed to clear my thoughts with a tangent now in the early hours of Christmas morning – Merry Christmas!!

This story for you unravels a huge realisation about a huge part of my life, being the environment. Please read on without any assumptions that this is just another Coastal Tangent.

Cause it is all Joel Hayes’s fault, messaging me late at night, which woke me and then excited me after watching a news clip about Friends of Rainbow Bay Society’s BeachCare efforts – who are a passionate group of residents that beautify Rainbow Bay with tree planting, weeding and litter pickups, amongst much more.

It largely unpacks Landcare’s brand pitch, that Landcare Is For Everyone, cleverly forming the acronym L.I.F.E. As the three fore actions pave the smartest path to beautify our planet, enhance biodiversity and environmental health that cascade community-environment connections to form environmental experiences.

  • This is why I am a little too passionate about ‘Landcare’ and the benefits we reap with a little more effort of supplementing existing environmental services.
  • This is why ‘Landcare’, caring for our land is so important and how your Christmas lunch/dinner got to your table.
  • This is why I have to speak the truth about my L.I.F.E. realisation.

While I am the green sheep in my family, I am one of a million+ others out there who do take part in caring for our land. If you are still reading, you probably relate to me in one-way or another (or at least sympathise as it is Christmas). As I am the one teased for being a little too passionate, for making a TOFU Turkey and for even picking up my siblings litter that they trashed on the roadside while standing in front of me yesterdays’ eve.

Though I’d much rather be the green sheep than the black sheep. It is just a shame that I am the one that has to watch what I say about speaking the truth that we shouldn’t get balloons or that we’ll survive Christmas without Glad Wrap.

Instead of sheepishly shrugging off remarks that could weave a green wooly jumper, at lunch I am going to praise the million+ that do care, plant trees and give a damn. Cause ‘Landcare’ is really for everyone…

PLEASE NOTE: As no one likes a Christmas Grinch, I couldn’t post this tangent until post Christmas and yes, I did give thanks to the farmers and friends of our land.