What’s up Sandy Creek?

Sandy Creek

Wherever I am and look, I stumble across signs that suggest I am near the coast. Living in Australia, this is relatively true/possible. It just depends on your perception of ‘near’. Cause, whatever direction you face, north, south, east or west, in a far enough ‘near’ distance you’ll reach the coast.

Bare in mind, this comes to my mind while road tripping through outback New South Wales and South Australia. Moree, Cobar, Broken Hill and Adelaide are our destinations and we are now half way down – having departed from the Gold Coast. Coast to coast as the last tangent said.

So, what’s up Sandy Creek? We have come across a few Sandy Creeks along the way, suggesting the coast is near or rather there are a lot of Sandys around? Not sure on the later as I haven’t met any – as yet – or maybe our thirst for sea salt lathered air is making me sea a mirage. Though, I rather truly believe the collection of Sandy Creeks depicts that Australia is a sandy country.

Looking left than right, across the sticky lined tarred road, I think I am right. As the sea was once where I am standing, today lays a dry sandy creek bed enshrined as Sandy Creek.

By taking a step back in time, the sea wasn’t just near to where I am. It was the sea. The coast is never too far.

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