Proliferation of happiness

snapper rocks

I have the best excuse for the limited tangenting in recent times and it isn’t about not having any tangents in mind. Rather a proliferation of coastal community groups being founded, whom I find or they find me. Working in the coastal community space has many advantages (as I dare not to complain), actually more pros than cons to link people together or create a process to link people together or link people resources to pool the bits and bobs to do coastal management.

For instance, I put up my hand (or rather as someone referred to it as put my life on the line) to do a presentation this week in a much-divided community to talk about coastal science, management and dunes (of course). For those who live on the Gold Coast, I am sure you can recall the very successful protest walks along Tugun Beach late last year in an effort to open the north to south public access way that has had years of neglect for one reason or another. As I am not one to get hung up about what he said, she said, rather turn an issue into an opportunity, I’ll move on from the gossipy nitty-gritty. Above all, I just wanted to use this as an example for you to get the gist of what I do during business-to-non-business hours, leaving my tangents within.

So, why the lack of tangents?

Unfortunately time has gotten the better of me in the recent months to attend to those and beaches in need. Days have been leaping from the calendar and now in March it is as if January and February marched too fast before March (o, what a pun). Anyway… excuses, excuses.

As from now, I am going to use this space to tangent about some very exciting research I am working on in my spare time (yes, I do have some time left over and always leave the best for last). I am working with two amazing colleagues at Griffith University about re-defining the definition of beach. This is to form the basis of a PhD application (and yes, I am going to apply).

Why? Because I want to put my practice into theory to create what I call a ‘Beach Happiness Index’. I want to research people’s happiness at the beach and look at the relationship to beach health and overarching coastal management strategies to the ecological footprint of coastal management – damn those concrete blocks and fossil fuel guzzling dredges!

First stop – to tangent about the definition of beach to redefine it as… (can’t let too much good tangenting out at once).

Best to watch the happy coastal space!

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