Sorry, I have to say NO

I’m extremely low right now.
I must explain.
I feel like I am boiling.
I think I have almost reached my limit.
Limit to give in my current state of mind.

Identifying with such means that it is time to change. Why? How did I make this revelation?

Since indulging in some much-needed time off, I’ve realised that I can’t do and give anymore where I am at this point of time in my ‘paid work’. Only because I’ve been told to go back to basis as we are resource constrained. Meaning, go back to 2001 when the programs I have been living and breathing for the past 5 or so years were established.

To give you some insight, they weren’t developed to get EVERYONE pumped up about beaches. Rather for a minority few who were lucky enough to stumble across them. Apparently, not front page news, fun and engaging, rather, 9-5 and that is it. Though, by 2009 when I got involved awareness skyrocketed at the same time Gold Coast’s dunes and beaches needed community spirit. Hence, the proliferation of community action on every Gold Coast beach, hence, being over worked, hence, program demands outweigh resources and hence the need to say no rather then yes to more clean beach community action.

No disrespect to those who work a 9-5 day and aren’t passionate about helping communities find the coastal trimmings of their beach and dream up the next big wave of awareness. But I am stunned and quite frankly disappointed.

Hello, times have changed, priorities have changed and so to have the essence of community needs have changed. Not to forget the needs of the coast. That means programs must change and adhere to the needs of the coast and community. I am not going down without a fight for what is needed.

Although – above all – maybe I have outgrown the programs 3-fold and now it’s time to focus on what I want for myself to open more for the coast and community.

Discover the happiness of beaches and run my dream beach buggy eco-tours. I think the later sounds better than reporting and project proposals!

Haha. I guess I’m not that low after all!

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