Coastal distraction – again

Naomi square eyes

Whenever I say, “focus and finish that report”, tangent times ring in my ear. It’s kind of like dusting and cleaning your desk when you are racing towards a deadline to feel like you are on top of it, organised and in control. Yes, my desk is super clean and inbox is down to a mere collective of 30 unread emails – thanks to select all and delete.

But I feel that I have to be honest and clear the air about my (current) thoughts and actions – as my last tangent has somehow created a stir and uneasy feeling amongst those I highly respect. I don’t intend to immediately change, move on or disappear without a trace. And I surely don’t want to see such program palaces become ruins overnight. Conservation is always at heart, and I know I need to have many more conversations until I confirm the how, what, when and where. It’s taken me THIS long to figure out the why… so bear with me.

I can imagine (and must respect) the he said, she said buzzing, not to forget to mention a rumour that I was pregnant, amongst another I’d like to not repeat. All I know at this stage is that my heart and head have reached synergy, and must act on advice from those who I admire. “Do something as outrageous as you”.

Peace out – until next time.

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