That woman is Lyn Wright

Leadership for sustainability has saved The Spit from being developed.

Leadership for sustainability has saved The Spit from being developed.

I have a funny way of turning my thoughts into words that make sense. Most of the time it’s pretty simple and quick, but I am struggling with a current task. I need to fill in the blanks for a United Nations course I am keen to do. I need to come up with 250-500 words about why I think leadership is important for sustainability.

So, I thought that it would be appropriate to reflect on my experience as a student and leader for sustainability.

Every facet of my life is shaped around striving towards a lifestyle that is in balance with the planet. Every choice I make takes into account past, present and future environmental and social impacts, and every action aims to improve the resilience of the land and sea, and the vibrancy of communities.

I believe where there is sustainability there is balance, justice and leadership. The later is a keystone element for sustainability, and comes in many different forms, from everyday leadership to world changing leadership – which you can’t have one without the other. Foremost, change catalysts to act on and be leaders for sustainability. In my community, I am one of those everyday catalysts who galvanise landscape change; though, I couldn’t be a leader without first being inspired by another leader.

This brings me to share a story about a woman with dignity, composure and passion and most of all has shaped my view on leadership for sustainability. She believes to be proactive about sustainability you need passion, the right people and a plan. You can’t have one without the other, and you can’t have less or more of each need. Similar to the way the planet needs balance; leadership for sustainability is also about finding the right balance. She has inspired me, and others to show dignity, composure and act on passion, as well as ways to inspire others to act, while being truthful, trusting and a pleasure to be around.

From experience, I believe the above comes with showing respect. Therefore, respect is the keystone quality of leadership for sustainability.

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