Happy Ideas

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I made a promise to myself, never to stop tangenting. It’s a pretty easy promise to keep rather than, “I will stop eating sugar”. As on my way home I thought of three more tangents to tangent about. But I really need to stay focused and tangent about a new journey that began today.

I started an Honours degree to formally research beach happiness – under the supervision of Dr Kerrie Foxwell-Norton at the School of Humanities, Griffith University (a woman I dream to be a fraction of one day).

As I am sure there will be plenty of time to tangent about Kerrie, what I do have to share is a massive revelation and something that stunned my vision of where I could be one day.

That being (as of this afternoon) I realised that I am a mere victim of my own insanity (in context of craziness).

While deep in thought this afternoon during one of the courses I have to do, I realised that I am obsessed with measuring my output to drive my efficiency – life, love, tangents, friends, blitzed beaches, best car parking spaces and the number of times my Bug started on the first pop. I’m obsessed so much that I actually want to measure my own passion, and that being, healthy beaches and happy communities.

Is this a good thing? Or am I just conforming to how society is ‘driven’ (in the context of steered).

Think about it, how are you measured and how do you measure yourself? What does this mean to you? How many chat-ups did you ‘endure’ while out the other night? How many papers have you published? How many people attended your event? Or even how many friends ‘like’ your post?

My multidisciplinary nature half agrees while my conspiracy nature 100% agrees. Another part of me thinks it’s all bullshit and I should probably shut up shop, actually chill on a beach and let my own productivity exist for what it is – not what it was or could, should, would be.

This has led me to re-think (massively) about my beach happiness research. Surprise-surprise – or no surprise at all. So for the meantime I’ve decided that I will just let myself run wild, try not to conform to society and let my ideas continue to be happy – for what they stand to be at a point of time.

At this point of time, they are fast, happy and excited.

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