Happy Beaches

Because happy is better than sad, I am leaving my role within the Coastal Community Engagement Program at the Griffith Centre for Coastal Management on the 3rd of October. It’s time to take a leap and move forward on what I believe I can achieve – for our community, beaches and myself. That means it’s also time to introduce Happy Beaches. 

Happy Beaches is my new venture to focus on the happier aspects of beach issues. Multidisciplinary, collective and fun, Happy Beaches brings a personality to coastal management. This has led me to research on beach happiness at the School of Humanities at Griffith University.

How did Happy Beaches come about?

As happy ideas always catch attention, why not link happy and beaches together to catch attention for beach health and community wellbeing?  This is what I discovered and considering first hand experience in coastal community engagement and mobilisation, I know optimism and collectivism can moblise communities to take action and effective control of beach health.  From small things, big things grow, Happy Beaches is spirualling into a new way of overcoming the sad reality of beaches

Basically, Happy Beaches acts on the need to understand how beach happiness can contribute to the happiness, wellbeing and the wider neuroconservation conversation.

Happy Beaches is initiating the pursuit of beach happiness.

Act on what you believe matters. I do and that is Happy Beaches.

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