Old news makes new news

Midday getaway to The Spit with Dan and the dogs.

Midday getaway to The Spit with Dan and the dogs.

It takes courage to close the Macbook and head to the beach for a midday getaway. Courage because I am one of those blood sucking workaholics who love preparing grants, getting projects happening and ticking the list. Though, today I felt courage overcome me, especially after an empowering morning at a Soul Sister Circle breakfast. 

There we were, at The Spit with offshore winds, we frolicked in the chilly water, baked in the winter sun and disconnected for a bit – once I posted our moment on Instagram of course! The dogs ran a muck with all the other dogs, and we could tell they were enjoying a non routine beach treat with smiles grinning from ear to ear. We were too.

Although I say the experience was a getaway from work, the reality is this is my work. And although I say I was disconnected, I was still aware of what was happening. The sand moving, dunes building and a space creating memories for the other beachgoers, fishermen and us. It seemed as if the beach was there just for us, though looking to the south the skyscrapers skyrocketing into the salty atmosphere reminded me that I live in a resort city and the beaches are for everyone too. Not a new thought, but a reality check that I should probably take another dip, clean off the sand and head home to my Macbook.

And – back to my inbox with sand still in between my toes, someone sends me a link about how beach protection works have begun on the Gold Coast. “What does this mean for the beaches?”, they asked. One click into the investigation, the new news was old news to me. The beaches are protected everyday, actually they are intensely managed. Annual dredging of Tallebudgera Creek has been happening for years… it’s just that people are becoming more aware of coastal issues and how their beach changes, which recycles old news to be new news again.

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