Don’t be a gonna, be a doer

Just a regular day - learning from world leaders about leadership for sustainability.

Just a regular day – learning from world leaders about leadership for sustainability.

I have to be quite frank in this tangent. Maybe it is because I turned 28 last week and pretty much had a reality check yesterday that I am 28, two years until I turn 30 and another year has gone where our dunes, beaches and ocean – let’s just say the planet! – is under more stress than ever before.

Don’t be a gonna, be a doer. How many times have you said, “o, I was going to go to that clean up” – but never did – “o, I was going to come tree planting” – but you never did – “o, crap, I forgot my ‘green bag’ again! – it’s not good enough.

Being a doer is the only the way to open your world to what can be possible. Healthy dunes, healthy beaches and healthy oceans, which YOU can do something about it.

I think I have every right to say this, especially being directed to those who don’t commit or honour their word. If you are sick of seeing litter on your beach, or watching marine life caught in shark nets, or even watch coastlines be managed in an unsustainable fashion, do something about it.

“It takes leadership and it is possible because we are all leaders”, straight from mouth of the Leadership for Sustainability coach at the United Nation’s University, Mr Wouter T. Lincklaen Arriens. Mr Arriens is a world leader in coaching leaders on sustainability, in particular, transforming people to be leaders for their communities.

If it wasn’t for my engrained nature to be a doer I wouldn’t here. All those clean ups I attended, all those dune planting sessions I have attended and all those late nights writing grants and newsletter I have prepared; I wouldn’t have been able to get a scholarship and it certainly this experience would have stayed in my dreams.

I started pottering in the dunes nine years ago and since then I have been consistent, determined and passionate to encourage others to act on their obligation – to care for the planet and our communities.

I think this tangent makes up for the missing ‘tangenting’ due to my academic distractions of writing a thesis… but I am a doer and here is a tangent to get you going and do something meaningful – and commit.

We have 1.62million kilometres of coastline to care for and protect.

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