What is leadership for sustainability?

I am only a bud - photo source: bloomingchakras.com

I am only a bud – photo source: bloomingchakras.com

What is leadership for sustainability? If you asked me this question a fortnight ago I would have answered it completely different compared to what I think it means – right now. So, I can only assume your thoughts on leadership for sustainability are completely to different to mine and even more so may be different after reading this tangent.

I have been gifted with the opportunity to mingle with some amazing people at the United Nation’s University in Tokyo to study leadership for sustainability. I am in a class of 17, myself among other internationals who are like minded, passionate and eager to crack the code to lead for a sustainable future.

We have had a series of lectures and practical exercises to enjoy, fall asleep or question deep in thought – depending on our backgrounds and expectations (I have mixed emotions about some of the classes). Without being cynical, instead stay optimistic and embrace this cultural experience, each concept I am learning about is accumulating and opening my lenses to the many opportunities I can now see to drive change – and I am not the driver.


Leadership for sustainability isn’t about me (or one person) driving the cause. It’s about supporting, inspiring and empowering others to act by acting on our obligation to share knowledge, catalyse change and connect resources and networks – which will create shared causes based on shared values to transform challenges into opportunities. This breakthrough integrates leadership, negotiation, stewardship, knowledge and ethics.

I feel like a seedling establishing into a healthy rose bush as my roots are tapping into what is needed for me to bear flowers for others to enjoy. Those that know me could agree with the term blossoming.

And the bud has only started to show.

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