But also believe

Image sourced: agreaterversionofyou.com

Image sourced: agreaterversionofyou.com

It has been a month since my last tangent. Time has flown past. Japan, Western Australia and New Zealand, and home in between, it has been a busy one too. I am starting to find the self-employed groove of managing my time even more efficiently – and effectively – while looking beyond the horizon for future projects and of course, keep my mind on track to fulfil the demands of an Honours degree too.

It’s 7am and it’s Monday – good morning. I have been awake for sometime now. Now knowing my time is really my time and acknowledging there is much to accomplish today, tomorrow and the next day and the next, I am not wasting any time – seriously. Some might think the way I approach tasks is about being driven, I see it as life.

I have washed my dog, walked her, played with her, enjoyed watching the shorebirds along the Broadwater, finished my morning exercise routine, cleaned the house, had breakfast, cleaned out my email inbox after getting back from New Zealand yesterday (more tangents to come) and I felt that I needed to share a tangent before I go onto the next task.

There is a quote that hangs up in my dining room that says, “To accomplish great things we must not only act but also dream not only plan but also believe – Anatole France”.

I guess Anatole France’s quote is my mantra for the time being – which isn’t a bad one. ’cause if you believe in yourself, you can reach your dream, but only by acting can you accomplish great things. 

It’s time to get cracking on the next task so I can accomplish great things. Have a beautiful day and keep believing.


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