Skip Ad?

Just when I thought my escape from the beach existed between the hours 10pm – 1am while I indulge in my second passion – architecture – the beach bites back. So, what do I do when I am not thinking about beaches? I watch Grand Designs on You Tube and skip those ads… until … holy crap … it’s me… on a You Tube Ad?

Coastal management, dunes, coastal community engagement, Gold Coast’s beaches, study, commitment, volunteer and wait for it, Friends of Federation Walk gets a plug too.

While I definitely need more training in front of the camera (geez I twitch) it is awesome to see my story about where studying at Griffith University can take you. If you have been following me for sometime you would know that I really started to move and shake the coastal management world when I started volunteering back in my environmental science student days, and more specifically with Friends of Federation Walk.

Today, I am living the dream where I work, play and live at the beach. Travel to different beaches. Share my knowledge about beaches and write about the beach.

From an environmental science degree to a masters of international and community development and now doing an honours in cultural studies (beach happiness), trust me when I say that studying at Griffith University has definitely inspired me to be a better person and that person is making difference along Gold Coast’s beaches.

Don’t Skip. Watch the Ad.






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