My summer shore things

Fish and chips (source: My Heart Illustration)

Fish and chips (source: My Heart Illustration)

There is something in the warm, thick air and I can even smell it. It’s summer and summer by the sea means indulging in the many shore things that are on offer – festivals, food, friends, family and fish and chips.

Yes, fish and chips makes my top five shore things to do this summer, which might surprise you once you learn that I am actually vegetarian.

Indulging in fish and chips is the only shore thing I have missed since becoming vegetarian eight or so years ago. I believe it is due to the fact that I connect fish and chips to be a coastal cultural custom for those who live by the sea, or really live anywhere in Australia as even most country townships also boost a fish and chip shop [I vividly remember a fish and chip shop opening up in Canungra a few years ago where customers had to wait for over 2 hours for their order. Locals and those who travelled for kilometres to indulge in a very shore thing would have to pre-order or miss out!].

The significance of fish and chips spark fond family moments I remember as a child. Where as a family, my family, would go to the local store or a nearby seaside take-out and order fish and chips. Battered, crumbed or grilled fish, I loved all the above. Even more so once coated with extra sea salt and drowned in freshly squeezed lemon with a side of chips piled in the corner of the butchers-paper.

The contrasting sour and salty flavours make my mouth water.

However, more importantly the custom of indulging in fish and chips complimented the chaos characterised by scavenging seagulls, my little sister freaking out about the birds and other children running around feeding chips to the birds – and I was probably one of those kids. All while the sun glistened through the warm rose-tinted thick air setting the scene of a more ambient moment that I am sure my parents were indulging in.

Now thinking about fish and chips makes me want some. A dilemma for a coastal-obsessed vegetarian, though, I did fall for the cherished childhood memory only just recently while touring the coast of New Zealand – now that’s country obsessed with fish and chips.

Yes, I enjoyed indulging in some fish after 8 years of temptation, though it’s the pain that I paid for the next day with stomach pains… despite the tangent-inspired ambience of the setting while sitting on a wharf while watching a sunset over the water and huddling like a baby penguin behind the comfort of my man.

There you have it, festivals, food, friends, family and fish and chips. What are your top shore things to do this summer?

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