A 60sec Tangent

It’s 11.30pm on Sunday night and most people are probably in bed snoozing away dreaming about waking up in utopia – where Monday doesn’t exist. Or, if you are like me you are still wide awake and eager to share one more thought before you hit the hay.

This tangent is inspired by you.

As you are and can be part of the puzzle to restore Gold Coast’s catchments to places to beauty, clean water and habitat for biodiversity and our community today for the future generations. 

Throughout 2014 I saw some amazing landscape changes where communities took control of ‘their’ land, either by saying no to unsustainable development (cough, cough, The Spit Cruise Ship Terminal) or those working hard behind the scenes on the land planting trees, removing weeds and picking up debris and litter.

To sum it up in 60sec… watch this video.

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