Fireworks cracking

(photo source:

(photo source:

Fireworks cracking, exploding with unexpected shimmers of multicoloured glitter explain my excitement and passion for life – at this very moment. So much to do and it seems so little time. Although, there is much to experience, engage and explore my dear friend.

Knowing your direction in life seems to be a luxury for some. For someone who is driven, focused and determined I feel lucky to have found my thing – what ticks me, what excites me and what drives me. Hands down it’s the coast, advocacy and the community.

Being a passionate advocate for the coast and sharing the community’s vision for a better Gold Coast is the best job anyone of my calibre could embrace. Seriously.

I am surrounded by people, community groups and organisations who are consistently contributing to creating a better Gold Coast. Today was a great example of the experiences I share, which are now cherished memories forever engraved as a moment in time – Greenmount’s early 1990s sand fan wave sounded epic! There was also the permaculture workshop at the Mermaid Beach Multicultural Garden, BeachCare’s BBQ, Responsible Runners #enforcetheban campaign planning, made a breakthrough for a more trees on dunes story, smoothie time with friends, then there were many lattes and an engagement party where I caught up with some coastal colleagues.

The coast is a magnet. The coast connects the land and the sea, people and experiences, memories and time.

My tangents are a collection of the connections I see and make and such thoughts are only my thoughts and are only about thoughts thought of during such times. In the past week the nature of the content on my blog was brought to my attention – again. But hey, my blog connects the coast, advocacy and the community interwoven with passion and excitement to create change.

And I created change this week. The City of Gold Coast are reviewing their peel back process they ‘have’ to do to assess the seawalls, though, specifically review the transplanting process of the native dune plants [“if they do”, said one of the managers]. And they will also be looking into improving their communication and onsite signage to “properly” inform the community and visitors alike.

More fireworks to crack next week – for the coast, advocacy and the community.

Hope you are having an awesome weekend.

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