What’s next for dunegirl?

Princess Spinifex (Dunegirl's dog)

Princess Spinifex (Dunegirl’s dog)

What’s next for dunegirl?

With a few hours left in the year of 2014 it seems that I am one of a billion or more quickly reflecting before thinking about 2015. What did I achieve this year? What didn’t I achieve this year? What surprises unfolded and what about that new years resolution list? Eek. So much to think about, so little time.

Time seems to be a common theme that stitches year to year (go figure). Although what I am getting at is that time is fast-ticking-away – away from away and where I am today, the 31st December 2014.

2014 has been a full one. 

  • Full of sweet surprises
  • Full of defining moments
  • Full of self-discovering changes

I am glad 2014 is drawing to a close as I am full and now ready to start again.

Before 2015 begins what can I say about 2014?

  • I certainly didn’t think that I would fall in love – seriously!
  • I certainly didn’t think that I would be studying an honours in beach happiness.
  • I certainly didn’t think that I would have studied at the United Nation’s University – what an honour!

But I did.

  • I certainly knew that I would have left the Griffith Centre for Coastal Management – at some stage…
  • I certainly knew that I would be speaking up for dunes.
  • I certainly knew that I would also dream of my beach utopia – almost every night.
  • I certainly knew that I end the year with a blog and a midnight kiss.

Life throws all sorts at you and I’m not referring to those delicious sugary sweets I shouldn’t have been eating over the Christmas break. I feel as if every moment in 2014 was a lucky prize – winning clean beach titles, running miles picking up beach litter, scoring the best car parks and baptising my soul in the sea.

O, and then there was that time in May when the community on the Gold Coast got together and planted 12,000 plants in one day to create a wetland, consistently stood up for what matters on the beach and connected with their neighbours, friends and loved ones to celebrate the coast.

So, what’s next for dunegirl?

  • A dune photography exhibition in early 2015
  • Create dune garden beds along the Broadwater Esplanade – so excited about this little cute project
  • Plant more trees on dunes
  • Submit my honours thesis and hopefully start the long awaited beach happiness PhD
  • Take more photos of dunes
  • Ensure clean, healthy and happy beaches are the number one agenda for Gold Coast’s beaches

Now that’s not a bad agenda for dunegirl. Happy New Year! See you on the dunes!

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