Why politics matter?

(image source: Pin by Paradise News St. Pete Beach)

(image source: Pin by Paradise News St. Pete Beach)

It’s scary to think most of all my inspiring friends who are passionate about creating change for the better are far from having a conversation about politics. It’s either boring, confusing or overwhelming, but being quite frank that is not good enough. We don’t have time to petty the boring, confusing or overwhelming vibes as forests are being destroyed, turtles are are dying from ingesting plastics and seas are creeping closer to shore squeezing beaches into non existence.

This is why every one of my friends should be involved in politics. Either talking about it, enrolled to vote or be a contributing member of their chosen party. Because this is where change occurs, policies put forward and negotiations played out to find the best solution (or where the majority wins which isn’t always the best solution – look at Queensland….). For too long the business as usual approach has prevailed over preservation and conservation, leaving the hippies behind the corporate world.

It’s time for change, ’cause if we don’t change not much will be left.

I am inspired to share this ’cause I am proud of and empowered by my boyfriend’s passion to create change through politics. Daniel Kwon, the Candidate for the Broadwater Electorate, is creating that possibility for our community to have an inspiring, youthful and passionate political leader. A leader who will stand up for what matters and create change for the better… for…


What are you concerned about it? What are you passionate about? What are you doing to create change? Make sure your political leader knows about it and if you are in Broadwater tell Daniel Kwon today…. 

Vote for our beaches

Gold Coast's beaches are at risk if you vote for the wrong coastal policy. (photo source: The Herald Sun)

Gold Coast’s beaches are at risk if you vote for the wrong coastal policy. (photo source: The Herald Sun)

While the majority of the beachgoers pictured in the Gold Coast Bulletin’s article today said that they were happy with the way the Campbell Government has gone about its business and that Campbell Newman has done a good job to get Queensland back on track. I bet there would have been a different response if those very beachgoers who were enjoying Burleigh Beach actually new that the Campbell Government to date has done nothing for Gold Coast beaches.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

The Campbell Government repealed the half-good-job of the previous government with ripping its money hungry teeth right through the Queensland Coastal Plan.

Changed ‘definitions’ and ‘types of development’ in the Plan to allow the destruction of dunes to make way for unsustainable pathways and other ‘removable/ temporary’ structures.

Remember the ongoing argument between Stuckey MP and Mayor Tate in the wake of ex TC Oswald due to no State assistance to help the City of Gold Coast should I dare to say, ‘fix Gold Coast’s beaches’.

Attempted to remove references to sea level rise from local government planning policies and documents to open more coastal areas for unsustainable development.

The list goes on… o, and how could I forget the open-ended development application process for the most ridiculous, unsustainable, beach-killing cruise ship terminal planned for Wave Break Island.

Believe me, trust me and follow me by NOT voting for LNP. Vote for a Government that will develop and drive the right policies for the good of our beaches, our culture, our economy and our community.

Geez, is it December already?

A slice of motivation from a local Landcare hero who sent this to me today. Thanks Richard!

A slice of motivation from a local Landcare hero who sent this to me today. Thanks Richard!

Geez, it can’t be December already? That is the exact feeling I felt when I woke up this morning – dizzy, overwhelmed and tired. Definitely not my usual self as I usually spring out of bed each day with bounding energy and music in my ears that makes my mind and fingers run – fast. As it wasn’t until 10.30am when I really felt I was making progress despite previous back-to-back 16hr days to get 2015 in order.

This makes me think and feel that 2015 will be a year of jumping in, running fast and making every opportunity a reality. Dreams can come true, you just have to make them happen. Today I have made one of my dreams come true as I confirmed a Landcare Leadership Weekend Retreat for 10 lucky local students on the Gold Coast to indulge in the best-of-Landcare experiences… now that is what I call an outcome in 48hrs.

It’s now 6.40pm and I am far from finishing my day. I am about to walk my crazy dogs and then get back into the driving seat to change this world for the better.