On Beach Time, I like. (photo source: pinterest)

On Beach Time, I like. (photo source: pinterest)

Time. How many times do you say ‘time’ in a day?

Lately I’ve been taking ‘time’ more seriously from acknowledging how often I say ‘time’ to recognising how much ‘time’ I actually have. From measuring my ‘time’ spent on the many projects I am involved in through to checking the ‘time’ constantly. All in the name of ‘time’ management.


I was a consistent fashionably late person [I am still trying my best to be on time or where possible inform those who I intend to meet to let them know I am ‘running’ late or find someone else to support what my ever limited amount of time – as I don’t have time, right? ]

Well the later is total bull. We all have time. We all have 24hrs in a day and that is everyday. We all have capacity to fulfil those 24hrs with actions that need to be taken and if such actions didn’t happen maybe there was too much you wanted to achieve within those 24hrs or that you didn’t seem to ‘find’ time.

Now finding time seems silly as time is perpetual and in space. You can’t hold it. Therefore you actually can’t find time but what you can do is find someone else’s time. And this is where you can tap into your potential to do more. More. More. More.

We all want more and want more time, right?

So, I bet you are wondering how can I achieve this? How can I find time, meaning someone else’s time?

This is when you inspire someone to take an action for you whether you pay them (where you buy their time) or they do it in their own time. For instance, I recently got a cleaner to help with house chores and then all of a sudden I had an 4 extras hours in a week. As I am a time hungry person I weighed out the costs and benefits and the benefits won me over. As now that I have an extra 4hrs in a week, I have an extra 4 hrs to study, work, play and rest. Therefore, I have more time to fulfil more actions and can achieve more potential – more time and money.

The other aspect is about inspiring someone to do something for you in their own time (e.g. voluntarily). This can be achieved in a number of different ways and can involve various actions…

And it all begins with simply asking someone to do something for you, though, in a way where they take leadership and thus action. This can include picking up milk on the way home, cleaning out the roof gutters to more complicated actions where you might have to show someone how to do something to enable them to carry out the action – which in a sense they are rewarded with skill development. And the most important aspect of this is recognising the value of time-sharing. Give and take with someone… and that most people are generous and generally want to share – and share their time.

How incredible is this? I know!

But the most important aspect to make more time is recognising that your time isn’t yours, it is their’s and it’s for the community. And it is much more valuable and rewarding to start thinking and acting in such a way.

The time I spend on developing ‘my’ own leadership isn’t for me, it is to enable me to show others how to lead.

The time I spend on researching ‘my’ honours thesis isn’t for me, it is for the community of interest and the beach.

The time I spend on walking our dogs isn’t for me, it’s for them.

The time I spend on making delicious, healthy food isn’t for me, it’s for my family, friends and those who are fortunate to taste the creations.

And the time I spent writing this blog post isn’t for me, it’s for you.

So, get into action, find time and enjoy your weekend that is now filled with more time.


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