How does your beach feel?


The world has come together to celebrate happiness. A day to celebrate all things that make us feel happy … that includes beaches among peace, love and friendship.

As beaches are a place where people are most happy.

People have likened beach experiences to being baptised, a sanity pill, rebirthing and connecting with mother nature. In fact, it is proven science that beaches are a place where people find solitude, happiness and creativity. Scientists from the University of Sussex surveyed over 20,000 people in the UK and proved people’s happiness is greater when surrounded by the natural environment, in particular, when visiting the beach.

So, it is know wonder that beaches are a place that we gravitate towards to be feel happy.

Curiosity has gotten the better of me being a happy beach goer and a happy beach scientist to question, if beaches can make people feel happy, how do beaches feel from people?

Although I know beaches do not have feelings (a debate I am willing to take), I do know that they respond to human impacts in other ways. The loss of beach amenity is a key coastal indicator (feeling) as a result of illegal sand mining, marine debris, sea level rise or the lack of a long term vision – among much more. The loss of beach amenity – can sadden a beach – as it doesn’t seem as beautiful, as happy as it once used to be. This sadden nature of the beach then extends to the community and those very beach goers that (did) love the beach.

Dan Ware, a PhD student and coastal management expert from Griffith University recently shared his thoughts about the lack of creative thinking when it comes to discovering new ways of managing beaches. Ware strongly believes that fear of the coast, truth of the coast and love for the coast should be key drivers of coastal decisions to move beyond the myths and silos that plague the limitations and challenges of coastal management – which in turn reduce the effectiveness of beach management.

That brings me to proudly share Australia’s Happy Beaches competition, which I have been part of to discover the happiness the beaches. The journey couldn’t have started more appropriately than capturing the sad stories of beaches written by those who love their beach…

Have you ever wonder how your beach feels?

You have a month to submit your sad beach story into Australia’s Happy Beaches competition. The winning beach will be thrown a life line with happy beach experts visiting the saddest beach to transform it from sad to happy.

Why should you submit your sad beach story? Because a beach happy is better than sad beach!

Visit to submit your sad beach story today.

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