This is it

life with purpose, passion and full commitment.

This is it. Life is perfect. Life is fulfilling. Life is happening. For me, my life has purpose and is full with passion and commitment.

I am been living my life for over 28 years and over this time I have been blessed with meaningful relationships, opportunities and circumstances.

Relationships in my life are my support network, especially when I exhaust myself to the brink of burnout. As my enthusiasm and passion to make a world that is beautiful, connected and in balance takes it toll and sometimes I do need to chill out. But there is no time for chilling out until my job is done – whenever that is.

Opportunities flow like a roaring waterfall to say the least. Each day presents a new opportunity where I develop a new possibility to take me to the next level. Today, I am empowered and out to achieve beyond my own expectations – with uni, work, fitness, friends, love and create time to watch The Block (I’m obsessed)!

But this all comes down to circumstances. I was born into a loving family with inspiring parents and crazy siblings. Yeah we have our ups and downs but we are getting there. Then it’s been the circumstance of saying yes, to almost everything … well almost.

This is it, it’s called living a life with purpose, passion and full commitment.

What’s your purpose?

What’s your passion?

And are you committed?


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