Intrepid: o what a feeling

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Intrepid: o what a feeling of fearless, adventurous, daring, bold. 

In some sense that is what it takes to take the first step to volunteer, try something new, go beyond your comfort zone, to be intrepid.

And that is what is happening…

In March this year I had the privilege of co-leading a Landcare leadership retreat for students with Megan Rowlatt from Illawarra Intrepid Landcare. All it took to make it happen was to pick up the phone and call Megan, invite her along, find some from sponsorships and some new fresh-faced local youth – of course. It was held on the Gold Coast to encourage local youth to get involved in Landcare, connect them with those in the know-how and support local environmental action. It was pretty fresh, 12 new faces thinking I wonder what the weekend might unfold…

Fast forward 2 months and those very same youth are killing it, in a good way. They are killing their call to action to transform old ways of doing things into fresh, inviting and exciting ways. It’s not what was old is new and cool again, they have started with a bare canvas, dreams and visions to make a difference. And they certainly are… cause this is what they have been doing.


+ Responsible Divers: to inspire divers to clean up waterways and connect other dive and clean up groups.
+ Youth 4 Beaches: Briody Fahey founded Youth 4 Beaches last year and since the retreat she is going beyond her call to action to inspire other youth to care for beaches and oceans.
+ Rivermount College Mass River Restoration project: Inspired by Gold Coast’s Biggest Tree Planting Day… Elijah, Luke and Zoey has submitted a proposal to their school to support 2km of river restoration, two mass school planting days, open access to the river AND interpretative signage for their get to be named ‘river walk’.
+ Southport SHS: Val and Mac are implementing a school-scale 0-waste initiative to encourage students to compost their food scraps and recycle, while reduce the use of single-use plastics.

But, wait there is more!

AND… all while they launch Gold Coast Intrepid Landcare! There is no stopping the dream for this bunch of local youth. As Gold Coast Intrepid Landcare is about inspiring young, awesome, enthusiastic people to take care of Gold Coast’s environment while exploring the outdoors, having fun and making friends! By attending festivals, expos and supporting members of the local Landcare network they hope to recruit and connect local youth to the many amazing causes carving a sustainable future – for youth and the planet.

A big congratulations to the new group and especially Juliet Saltmarsh and Paula van Breda who are leading the way for the group.

But we are not stopping here. Megan and I have brainstormed an incredible future for the Intrepid Landcare brand. If you are keen for local youth to get involved in your community or classify yourself as youth and keen to get involved, give us a hoy!


Proudly supported by Landcare Australia, Neutrogena Naturals through the National Youth Engagement, Ambassador initiative.

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