What does it take?


What does it mean to be part of the community and how do you keep your enthusiasm about inspiring change for the environment? I was asked these questions today which was kind of ironic considering the steam I let off the day before. But putting all the ruffled feathers aside, to be quite frank I believe there is more good than bad on the Gold Coast  (not sure about the world as I seem to be getting more cynical for every white hair I find). But like I said in the last tangent, it’s not as if people wake up in the morning want to stuff up Gold Coast beaches, right?  I certainly hope not.

So, my answers to these questions were quite simple.

To be part of the community is something special and I believe it comes down to being proud and having ownership. I say it again and again, I truly love the Gold Coast – I love the community, the environment, the opportunities, the challenges, and the experiences and memories that have shaped me to be the person I am today. But most of I am proud to be part of a story that still being written as the Gold Coast is constantly changing, it is never a dull moment. And the characters within the story are compelling, compassionate community change makers to say the least. There is someone in almost every corner, nook and cranny who is working on a change making idea to make our community even more loveable.

All this then ignites passion and the enormous energy it takes to stand for what matters to us.  Having a vision, being determined and seeking for the best outcomes are the next steps. But to achieve something great, it takes passion, purpose, people, a proactive attitude and a plan, and definitely persistence. Because our community and the environment doesn’t deserve standard practice, it deserves best practice, only the best. That means to achieve this you need to have it all!

But what happens when you don’t have it all? Where do you find out? How can you access it?

Well, you will have to wait until the next tangent. Until then think about what it takes for you to change your world, your life today to achieve the best.

Good night!

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